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Former NYPD Commander Corey Pegues details his rise to success in law enforcement following a youth spent dealing drugs
Uploaded by Arise America on 2018-03-29.
Author of "Once a Cop: The Street, the Law, Two Worlds, One Man," Corey Pegues joined us on Sway in the Morning. Watch as he speaks on converting from a life of crime with one of the biggest drug conglomerates, to a life of law + tips on how to stay alive during racial injustice.

Mindy Jo reporting for The DC Voice
After tensions flared between police and the black community this summer, we talked to those who are caught in the middle- black officers. Special thanks to: Damon Jones Corey Pegues Harold Thomas Michael Hannon

A Crack Dealer Turned Top Cop Shows Us The Streets That Became The Beat.

After Words with Charles Campisi

Charles Campisi talked about his book, Blue on Blue: An Insider’s Story of Good Cops Catching Bad Cops, about his work in the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau to investigate corruption within the force. Chief Campisi is the second longest serving member of the Internal Affairs Bureau and served under four police commissioners during his tenure. He is interviewed by former NYPD officer Corey Pegues.

Q&A with Corey Pegues

Former New York Police Department Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues talks about his book, Once a Cop: The Street, the Law, Two Worlds, One Man, about his experiences in law enforcement.